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Colorado Heat Pump Installation & Service Experts

Looking to replace or repair your Heat Pump? Call Mountain Breeze Heating & Air, Inc., your Denver, CO air conditioning system services expert. We install, service, and repair high-efficiency, energy-saving heat pump systems.

The purchase of an indoor comfort system is not to be taken lightly. However, it’s one you can make with confidence knowing you will have a fully licensed and insured team of NATE-certified technicians in your home.

Our Experienced Team

When you call Mountain Breeze Heating & Air, Inc. regarding your heat pump, we will send you a technician with at least five years of experience with heat pumps.

Competitive Pricing

We work with our suppliers to provide the most competitive pricing in the industry. Whether you are looking for service, repair, or installation, we can assure you a fair price for high-quality work.

American Made Quality

If you are deciding to get a new Heat Pump installed, we generally recommend the Amana brand. Amana brand heating and cooling systems are a part of the enduring legacy of one of America’s most recognized and respected brands. Equipment from Amana is 100% American-made. We offer a 10 Year Parts and Labor warranty with Amana Heat Pump systems.*

Quiet Comfort

We know you want a quiet system. The equipment we use and our installation process will minimize noise throughout your home. How do we do this? We have over 60 years of combined experience in the industry. We know how to make equipment run quietly, just like it is designed to. We size, seal, and commission our systems to run optimally in your home. Installing a Heat Pump with a furnace or air handler with an EC Motor will lessen the amount of noise in your home from your HVAC equipment.

Energy Efficiency

Heat Pumps are a very efficient way to heat and cool your home. Through the warmer seasons, a Heat Pump will function just like a high-efficiency air conditioning unit. During the winter months, a Heat Pump will use zero natural gas. This will greatly reduce your gas bill.

*10 Year warranty on new equipment requires yearly maintenance.


What are Heat Pumps?

Heat Pumps are essentially air conditioners that can work in reverse. What this means is that a heat pump can cool and heat your home. It looks exactly like an air conditioner to the untrained eye, so you may have one without even knowing it!

How do Heat Pumps work?

There is a reversing valve in the unit that actually reverses the flow of refrigerant. In cooling mode, a heat pump unit will draw heat from the inside of the home and expel it outside just like a normal air conditioning unit. In heating mode, the heat pump reverses the flow of the refrigerant, which draws heat from the outside and releases it inside of your home. When the heat pump is running, the furnace doesn’t need to run, which saves you on your gas bill.

If I have a Heat Pump, do I still need a furnace?

In Colorado, you will still need a source of “emergency heat”. Heat Pumps work well as long as the outside temperature is above 30 degrees. When it gets colder, the Heat Pump loses efficiency, as there is less heat to be pulled from the outside. When this happens, a furnace or electric heat strip must be available to provide sufficient heat.

Will having a Heat Pump increase my electric bill?

During colder months, yes. Because Heat Pumps use only electricity, you will definitely use more electricity in the winter versus usage with a traditional furnace system. For this reason, we tend to recommend heat pumps for homes with solar energy, as this is the most economical way to go.

I currently just have air conditioning, can I convert to a Heat Pump?

Absolutely. Though it does require new equipment, as long as you have a centralized system with ductwork, we can retrofit a Heat Pump system. If you don’t currently have ductwork, we have options to still get your system installed.

How long does it take to install a new system?

Typically we can install and commission a Heat Pump system in four to five hours.