Hydronic Boiler System Repair

We service all brands and models of hydronic boilers. Boilers are actually pretty simple machines, but working on them can be tricky. It is important to find an experienced technician to make sure your system gets fixed correctly. Our certified technicians are required to have over 5 years of experience with boilers to provide service.

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Service may be needed if:

  • One or more rooms in your house is not getting enough heat
  • One or more rooms in your house is getting too much heat
  • Noticeable soot is forming on top of the unit or near the flue
  • Loud, clanking noises can be heard in the pipes
  • Water can be seen leaking from the pipes or on the floor near the unit

Some things to check before you make a service call:

  • Check each thermostat – most homes with boiler systems have multiple thermostats in the house
  • Check your breaker panel
  • Check your pilot light – older systems may require the pilot light to be re-lit
  • Check your model and serial number – this will help the technician to be prepared for the call
  • Check your service history records