Amana AMVC 80 Furnace

Variable Speed 2 Stage 80% Efficiency Furnace

This high-airflow, mid-efficiency furnace is a durable and cost-effective way to heat your home. The variable speed ECM fan motor guarantees to get the most airflow through your ductwork, boosting the performance of your air conditioner.

The lifetime heat exchanger warranty gives you the peace of mind that this furnace will perform for as long as you own your home. If the heat exchanger fails, you get a new unit! This furnace is compatible with Amana communicating air conditioners or your current or future non-communicating AC models.

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High-Efficiency Two-Stage Multi-Speed Gas Furnace

  • 80% AFUE – Converts 80¢ of every energy dollar into indoor comfort in your home.
  • Integrated communicating ComfortBridge™ technology – constantly monitors the performance of a high-efficiency heating and cooling system
  • Two-Stage Variable-Speed ECM Motor – Automatically adjusts airflow to match comfort needs, and reduces energy consumption and system noise as compared to single-stage motors.
  • SureStart® Silicon nitride ignitor – Eliminates the need for an energy-wasting pilot light.
  • Quiet, Two-Speed, Induced-Draft Blower – Provides precise control and enhanced energy-efficient performance as compared to a natural draft furnace.
  • Continuous Air Circulation – Low Constant Fan speed Circulates Air Throughout the Home
  • Self-Diagnostic Control Board – Continuously monitors the system for consistent, reliable operation, stores last diagnostic codes in memory; and indicates condition through a flashing LED for quick troubleshooting.
  • Heavy-Gauge Steel Cabinet – Durable baked enamel finish resists corrosion and protects essential components.
  • Thermally Insulated Cabinet