“About ten years ago the furnace and air conditioning units in my townhouse needed replacing and I chose Mountain Breeze. What a lucky choice it turned out to be! I have been very happy with the system over all these years. I have them come out and check it every six months. They change my filter and do whatever is needed. They also installed a humidifier.

The other day Adam was at a unit near me and while up on the roof he took a look at my air conditioner condenser in order to answer a question of the client he was servicing. Now I had had them out for my six month check in June so I hadn’t called them. Adam saw that my condenser was not working correctly and he called me. And, totally unsolicited, he let me know something wasn’t right and fixed it on the spot AND for no charge. THAT’S SERVICE!!! If you’re looking for quality products and STELLAR service, look no further. Mountain Breeze is quick, clean and, in my opinion, the absolute best in Denver.”