Amana AMS8

Amana AMES80 Gas Furnace

This Amana brand Two-Stage, EC Motor Furnace offers 80% AFUE, as opposed to lower ratings of less efficient gas furnaces. Its multi-speed blower can improve its efficiency rating and enable the furnaces to maintain consistent warmth in a low-heat capacity mode without inefficient high-heat surges associated with single-speed gas furnaces.

Energy-Efficient Two-Stage, Multi-Speed Gas Furnace

  • 80% AFUE – Converts 80¢ of every energy dollar into indoor comfort in your home.
  • Stainless-Steel Tubular Primary Heat Exchanger –Unique tubular stainless-steel construction formed using wrinkle bend technology results in an extremely durable heat exchanger.
  • 2 Stage EC Motor – Electronically Commutated Motors offer a quiet,  more efficient blower with guaranteed cfm that will help mitigate issues with existing ductwork problems.
  • Durable 110-Volt Silicon Carbide Igniter – Eliminates the need for an energy-wasting pilot light.
  • Quiet, Induced-Draft Blower – Provides precise control and enhanced energy-efficient performance as compared to a natural draft furnace.
  • Continuous Air Circulation – Provides added filtration and keeps air moving throughout your home to help maintain comfort.
  • Self-Diagnostic Control Board – Continuously monitors the system for consistent, reliable operation, stores last diagnostic codes in memory, and indicates condition through a flashing LED for quick troubleshooting.
  • Heavy-Gauge Steel Cabinet with Powder-Paint Finish – Durable baked-enamel finish resists corrosion and protects essential components.
  • Thermally insulated cabinet – The fully-insulated cabinet means air leakage of less than 2% to maximize heat transfer efficiency and lower blower noise.